Some of my latest collaborations organized per domain.

Computer science and IT

  • Software and hardware online shop catalog
  • Localization: various types of websites, SAP program, search engine, automatic
    installation wizard.
  • Documentation and press releases on Internet and its issues : User toolkits for DNS,
    IPv6, Internet governance, WCIT, history of Internet, Future evolution of Internet.
  • Whitepapers on cloud computing and virtualization technologies.
  • Training material for a carrier´s supplementary services.

Video games

  • Game translation: more than 600,000 words translated.
  • Well-known game titles for console systems and acclaimed app game.
  • Games descriptions, both short and long, for selling app websites.
  • Casino Games: gaming license application, requirements, casino and betting
  • Social games for Facebook.

Legal documentation

  • Translation of Terms and conditions of a car leasing company.
  • Translation of legal documentation for and IT company: terms and conditions, Providers Agreements, Suppliers Agreements, Attachments and Amendments.
  • Review and translation of several legal documents such as Subpoena, Apostilles, different certificates, etc.
  • End User License Agreement for a newspaper App.
  • Translation of legal contracts such as a non-disclosure agreement, agreement between parties for participation in a TV Show.
  • By-laws of a company.
  • Informal e-mails between the company and the customer, informing of return, disbursement an resale policies.

Other  domains

  • More than 1,000,000 words translated in the travel and tourism domain.
  • A number of medical related documents, among them questionnaires for the general public and health-care professionals, prescriptions, drugs information sheets and general health information.
  • Post-editing experience in highly technical aviation engineering and user manuals for aviation.
  • Press Releases for well-known companies.
  • The latest catalog of a sailing and kayak store.
  • Marketing documentation for clients and providers for different industries such as fashion, IT, computer science and video games.
  • Volunteer proofreader of eBooks for children.

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